Certification of software includes:
  • submit an application for certification;
  • decision making on application;
  • selection and identification of samples;
  • software test;
  • decision making about conformance certificate issue;
  • analysis of production status;
  • issue of conformance certificate and license for conformance mark, agreement for inspection check-up;
  • registration of conformance certificate and conformance mark license in the State Register in Certification Standards at Federal Railway Transport (CSFRT)
  • inspection check-up of certificated software;
  • adjustment in the case of breach of the established requirements of certificated software or conformance mark rules; 
  • information about the certification results;
Certification is made by application of manufacturer (vendor, developer) for certain software; this is directed to Certification Register at Federal Railway Transport. (request form)

The application is considered not longer than one month since its receipt in Certification Register at Federal Railway Transport The answer is provided in approval (decision on application) or reasoned refusal. 

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