It received accreditation in the Certification System at Federal Railway Transport (CSFRT) in established order and organizes probes for certification and test certificate issue.
  1. Testing laboratory: testing laboratory of railway transport software of Petersburg state transport university. It was established by the order № 2/D, 11.02.2008, address: 190031, St.Petersburg, Moskovsky pr. 9, PSTU.
  2. Testing laboratory functions as part of Petersburg state transport university, address: 190031, St.Petersburg, Moskovsky pr. 9, PSTU.
  3. Head of the testing laboratory: head of the department of Information and Computer Systems, professor Anatoly D. Khomonenko, phone number: (812) 310-37-25
  4. Head of the organization, where functions testing laboratory: rector of PSTU, professor Valery I. Kovalev, phone number: (812) 310-25-21, факс: (812) 315-26-21
  5. Responsible for relations: vice-head of the laboratory Victor L. Dashonok, phone number: (812) 457-83-56, факс: (812) 310-37-25
Software testing complex for AutomtedQA TestComplete (version 6.40). Manufacturer AutomatedQA USA, 2008. AutomatedQA.
TestComplete allows to conduct automated functional nodal, regressive, manual, scaled testing, 25.06.2008, License 4AF9DC57-08014FD1-9A00019C.
Software automated testing complex IBM Rational Robot (automated testing software). Manufacturer IBM, USA, 2008.
Rational Robot allows to conduct functional and load testing. 21.05.2008. License agreement №С-08-02/004, St.Petersburg.
Program of fixation and control of software initial state “Trafaret” (version 2.1.0). №2500035. Manufacturer LLC “Lenspetsproizvodstvo” Russia, 2008, 06.04.2007. №1363 License № Л04-2500035.
Operation station IBM, USA, 2002. Intel Pentium III - 933, Intel 82810E, SDRAM 256 MB, HDD Seagate Barracuda 80 GB IDE, Accton EN-1207D-TX PCI, FDD 3,5", CD-ROM IDE 48X (Creative).
Server №187780, IS Mechanics / Inforser, Russia, 2006, 2 x Intel Xeon DP 3,0 GHz / 800 MHz / 2MB, SMicro SC 743T/645 ATX, SuperMicro X6DVL-EG-0 (socket 604) 2 x DIMM DDR 400 1GB 2 x HDD 200 GB SATA II FDD 3,5" DVD-RW RAID INT SATA LSILOGIC MEGARAID 150-4R. 2006 г.
Routing device, №364016197, №JAC0534A0HU, №JMXD542K2SS. Manufacturer Cisco, Scotland, 2001.
Commutator, № FAB0532Q0BY, № FAB0530M1MC. Cisco, Mexico 2001.