On the department’s initiative the first international academic and research conference Infotrance-1996 was organized and hold in 1996. It has become the annual conference, which traditionally summarizes achievements made in information-telecommunication area. The department’s officers are the active participants in preparation and running of international conferences Infotrance 1996-2009, what includes, for instance, presentations in headquarters of companies Ericsson (Stockholm) and Datis, in Ministry of Transport of Czech Republic, in universities of Madrid, Rome, Munich.

The idea to organize the conference, as well as in previous years, provoked a great interest in the top Russian and world-known companies in the field of informatics, computer technologies and communications. All of the following companies provided financial support: Microtrest, Cisco Systems, IBM, APC, IBS, SAS Institute, Sun, KROK, Microsoft, Technoserv A/S, Avaya, Inform-svyaz, SAP, Xerox, Hewolett-Packard, Compulink and others. Companies Tern, Technolink, Faratek-Communications, Andek, Ienfoteks, Beltac Inc also participated in the conference organization. Presence of the heads of several Russian Railway departments and leaders of the top scientific and research branch institutes, information-technological railway branches, universities and specialists determined  high level of the event.

Professors and department’s officers participated in the international conferences Transport of the XXI century (Poland), Eltranc-2001 (St.Petersburg, PSTU); assistant professor Yablonsky S.A. (1996-2003) took part in 15 international conferences, organized in Bulgaria, Hungary, Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Italy, Spain, the USA; professor Yakovlev V.V. (2001), junior lecturer Fedorov A.R. (2000) was in Germany (exhibition CeBIT). Assistant professor Yablonsky S.A. is the expert in computer linguistics of European Commission DGXIII (European Commission).

At the present time, the department is the participant of the international project TEMPUS, organized in the area of information safety and protection.