Direction Information Systems appears to be the broadest among computer directions; it focuses on program products invention and on the area of IT-service, which is directly connected with software.

Particularly, this direction prepares specialists in development, implementation, administration and enhancement of computer networks and systems, their informational content and software; methods and technologies of project making and system integration, production and exploitation of management-information software in business, industry, banking, mass media, energetics, administrative institutions, telecommunications, science, education and other areas, also Internet technologies and information Internet systems. All these system have one common feature, notably that by the creation of these systems, software contribution may reach 90 percent.

Program complexes of wide profile, computer systems and networks, data and knowledge bases, artificial intelligence dialog expert systems, E-commerce systems, corporate management systems in companies and on complexes technical objects – from oil enterprises and banking-houses to power stations and airports, computer games and office applications, e-portals and representations – this is not the full list of areas, where graduates of the Information systems department on the speciality Information Systems and Technologies can show their knowledge and skills.

In addition, on the speciality Information Systems and Technologies study future programmers, system and network administrators, planners and specialists of implementation and exploitation of complex computer corporate management-information systems, data bases administrators, engineers of technical support sector, information technologies managers.


PSTU prepares specialists on the specialities:

  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Computer Software
  • System Analysis and Management
  • Computer and Information Safety
  • Technical Systems Safety