SPECIALITY 090105 - Integrated Information Security of Computer-Aided Systems

On speciality 090105 the department prepares development engineers of information security systems and information protection of computer-aided systems, systems administrators responsible for computer-aided systems safety, data bases and other information resources, as well as administrators of security facilities, audit and security management, and specialists for departments of information safety in state and commercial organizations, and finally security service analysts.
Future specialists in the field of integrated information security of computer-aided systems work with modern software Visual.net, practice computer languages Visual Basic, C++, Java, programming aids of Internet-applications and protected information systems. They study last versions of DBMS Oracle 11g, DB2, Microsoft SQL, information cryptosecurity CryptoPro CSP and CryptoPro TLS and other means of information security.
Basic speciality subjects:
  • Theoretical Fundamentals of Computer Safety
  • Information Security Cryptographic Methods
  • Firmware and Methods of Information Security Provision
  • Technical Facilities and Information Protection Methods
  • Software and Data-Bases Safety
  • Computer Networks Safety
  • Information Security and Information Protection in Enterprise Networks
  • Information Security Risk Audit and Analysis, Information Security Control
  • E-commerce and Economical Information Systems Safety 
Duration of study – 5 years. On graduation students are awarded the qualification of specialist in information security.