In 1961 the order to found the Arithmetic Devices Department (that was the name of the department in the first years; later it was renamed Computer Department and had this name up to 2001) on Electrical Engineering Faculty was signed.

Professor Alexander A. Euler (1913 – 1987) was appointed to head the department. The descendant of famous Leonardo Euler, honest and fair person, deeply devoted to his engagements and aims, intellectual and member of intelligentsia, it was he who created the atmosphere of fellowship, trust and creativity on the department for many years. Even now his followers form the heart of the department.

In 1936 A.A. Euler graduated from Leningrad Institute of Transport Engineers with honors and before taking post-graduate course in 1964 worked at Yaroslavskaya Railway. During the Second World War he directed his energies and knowledge to functioning of Yaroslavskaya railway, its provision with the first in the Soviet Union automated systems and telemechanics, and its development. In 1949 he became Doctor in Science, associate professor in 1954, and finally professor in 1966. Before appointment to be the head of the Computer Department, A. Euler taught on the Department Automatics and Telemechanics. From junior lecturer, assistant professor, to the dean of the Electrical Engineering Faculty and the head of the Department Automatics and Telemechanics. A.A. Euler was one of the leading specialists in the field of implementation and exploitation of computer technologies on railway transport; he enthusiastically participated in construction of Oktyabrskaya Railway Computer center. He took part in development of information-planning systems, automated planning systems of technological processes on railway transport. More than 20 PhD theses were written and successfully defended under his supervision. A.A. Euler was the author of numerous textbooks and tutorials. He gave lectures in technical colleges of Peking and Prague, was the participant of International symposium organized in Montreal, which were devoted to implementation of computer technologies on railway. A.A. Euler main assistant in the department establishment and his close companion was candidate of Engineering Science Veniamin M. Muravin – bright coordinator, who perfectly solved the questions of personnel appointment for the new department, its technical equipment, scientific-research work foundation. He was in charge of the department’s research laboratory of computer technologies (RLCT) from 1961 to 1976.



First lecturers, engineers and programmers made the significant contribution to the development of the department; they were Bosin V.M., Popov F.G., Arefiev D.V., Yakovlev V.V., Bobrov A.E., Denisov V.V, Efimova R.S., Sitnikova M.V., Doroshenko J.G., Ivanov V.N., Shvetsova N.S., Semenova T.N. In the first years of the department’s establishment the computer of the first generation “Minsk-1” was installed, and professors A.A. Grigoryants, G.L. Mikhailov, R.S. Efimova, M.A. Denisova, E.I. Trofimova, V. Frolov, G.I. Kauponin worked with the machine. In 1963 first engineers (28 people) with the speciality “Mathematical arithmetic devices and facilities” graduated from the university. Among these graduates were the prospective professors of the department R.F. Fedorov and S.V. Mikoni, senior teacher, one of the best teachers of the department V.V.Zheverzheeva. Considerable contribution to the history of the department was made by the graduates of the 60-s,: assistant professor V.E. Lokhmatui, candidate of Engineering Science, assistant professor, head of the RLCT  G.V. Dobris, senior scientific associate of RLCT M.V. Fedorov, all of them worked for many years in the department.

            There were some notable students among the graduates of the 60-s, namely M.N. Vasilenko – candidate of Engineering Science, professor of the department “Automatics and Telemechanics”, dean of Electrical Engineering Faculty, A.I. Mikhailushkin – rector of the St.Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economy (ENGECON), M.I. Belyazo – head of the data-computing center of Oktyabrskaya Railway, T. Mukhin – head of the data-computing center of Gorkovskaya Railway, N.A. Alekseev – head of the data-computing center of the South Ural Railway. First years of the department’s foundation were very fruitful in scientific field. Young officers of the department defended their theses and later they formed the heart of the high-education teaching personnel as professors and assistant professors: Yakovlev V.V., Doroshenko G.G. (1966), Fedorov R.F. (1967), Bobrov A.E. (1967), Denisov V.V. (1969), Mikoni S.V. (1970), Lokhmatui V.E. (1971), Efimova R.S. (1972), Dobris G.V. (1973).

            Professors Valentin V. Yakolev, Renata S. Efimova and assistant professor Vladimir V. Denisov remain the top professors of the department. The laboratory base has grown bigger and was improved. In 1967 computer “Minsk-1” was changed to the computer of the II generation “Ural-14” (in charge of the computer was Palachev V.Ya., later  the head of the Pension and Payment Office; Nikiforov I., Kultin V.,  Marugin A., Pozdnyakov L.N.). In 1967-1969 according to the order of Ministry of Transport dispatcher and translation programs from the FORTRAN language were designed especially for “Ural-14” in scientific-research laboratory (programmers T.N. Semenova and E.I. Trofimova, candidate of Engineering, assistant professor M.V. Lavrentev). These programs were the most up-to-date computer products, ever used on Oktyabrskaya Railway. Some years later T.N. Semenova worked at the department as senior teacher, explaining the fundamentals of programming to several generations of students.


            In 70-80-s two scientific schools were formed at the department. The school “Scholastic Methods and Computing Facilities” was founded by the candidate of Engineering Science (1979), professor (1982) V.V. Yakovlev, whose associate was candidate of Engineering Science, professor of the department R.F. Fedorov (1938-2006). Candidate of Engineering Science, assistant professor E.A. Bobrov grounded the second school “Multivalued Logic”, he worked at the department till the end of the 80-s, at the present time E.A. Bobrov is the assistant professor of the department “Informatics and Information Safety”.

                        In 1970 V.V. Yakovlev and R.F. Fedorov made a report on the topic “Possibility of Tunnel Diode Exploitation in Scholastic Computing Machine” at the III All-Union Conference, devoted to tunnel diode in computer technology, which took place in Riga. This event can be considered as the initial point of scholastic school at the department. In 1973 G.V. Dobris defended the thesis on the problem of code-probability converters for scholastic computing systems. And in 1979 thesis with the topic “Synchronic Accidentally-impulse Computing Systems with Digital Decision Elements” was defended by V.V. Yakovlev. Numerous researches were conducted on the scholastic topic at the department, for instance for research institute “Morfizpribor”, scientific-development and production center “Burevestnik”, and other enterprises. The department had constant and close contacts with Scientific Council on the complex problem “Cybernetics” of the  USSR Academy of Science, IEVT AN LatvUSSR, Institutions of Cybernetics AN ESSR and GSSR, with Kazan Aeronautical University,  Kazan State University and other universities and scientific establishments of the country.

                        These scholastic works include thousands of scientific papers, about 100 inventor’s certificates, fundamental monographs:

·         Yakovlev V.V., Fedorov R.F. Scholastic Computing Machines. – Leningrad: Mechanical Engineering, 1974. – 344 p.

·         Fedorov P.F., Yakovlev V.V., Dobris G.V. Scholastic Information Converter. – Leningrad: Mechanical Engineering, 1978. – 304 p.


                        Yakovlev V.V., Federov R.F., Dobris G.V., postgraduates and department’s officers regularly participated in All-Union conferences and seminars “Probabilistic Automatons and their Applications”, and in symposia on probabilistic computational approach and means.

                        About 20 postgraduates and department’s officers defended PhD theses within the school of scholastic methods and computing means. Among the department’s graduates were H.-G. Nakke and I. Raasch (Germany), P. Kovaletz and H. Pekh (Poland), O.S. Malchenkova (at present time – vice-rector, head of the department of Velikolusky Agricultural Academy), and assistant professors G.I. Kozhomberdieva and S.N. Trankov.

                        The school “Multivalued Logic” was established on the Computer Department in the beginning of the 70-s., when under the leadership of the assistant professor E.A. Bobrov multivalued logic laboratory was organized. The department’s officers and postgraduates frequently took part in All-Union and republican scientific conferences, seminars and school. For many years scientific-research works were conducted on the laboratory base with the cooperation with Physical-Mechanical Institute (Lviv, Ukraine SSR), Space Research Institute of USSR Academy of Science, Leningrad Electromechanical Factory. More than 10 PhD theses were defended by the laboratory officers and postgraduates, among whom were department’s graduates: professor of the department of Informatics and Information Safety Kostyanko N.F., assistant professor of this department Zhurkin V.A., assistant professors V.V. Grigoriev and G.D. Drozdova, professor of the department S.A. Yablonsky, head of the scientific-research laboratory  Sorokin B.L., Gorkunov A.N., Ugarov B.N. Laboratory’s personnel received over 50 author’s certificates, over 100 scientific papers were published. 

                        Computers of new types, namely “Nairi”, “Mir” and ES-1022 appeared in the department in the beginning of the 70-s. Thanks to the active participation of the department, computer center was formed in Leningrad Institute of Transport Engineers, there worked officers and graduates of the department (Pushkov V.A., Shekhin V., Anikeev V.A., Emelyanova L., Petrova T.N. and others). Practical laboratory functioned at the department, it encouraged the students to study the elements of digital and analog computers (head of the laboratory was Ivanov V.N., later – Vashuk I.G.).

                        In 1976 representative of the scholastic  scientific direction was elected as the head of the scientific-research laboratory (SRL), candidate of Engineering Science, assistant professor G.V. Dobris up to 1983, later till 1992 he worked as the assistant professor of the department (now G.V. Dobris is the head of the enterprise “Titan”). He was replaced by candidate of Engineering Science B.L. Sorokin, who defended PhD thesis (1982) on the problem of multivalued logic, and he worked at the department till 1990 (nowadays employee of Oktaybrskaya Railway Data-computing Center)

                        Officers of the department worked in accordance with branch orientation and on orders of different organizations, such as GTSS, Novosibirsk Institute of Transport Engineers, Bridges Research Institute and other transport organizations, departments and braches of the university (Fedorova M.V., Vorobieva N.S., Trofimova E.I., Dovbush G.F., Globin V.Ya., Shishkin U.A., Shishkina L.S., Kushnarenko S.L., Larina D.N. and others). They also conducted researches in the field of scholastic and multivalued problems. These tasks were supervised by the leading scientists of the department, as well as postgraduates and officers were involved in different surveys.

                        In the beginning of the 70-s according to the decision of Ministry of Transport specialized research laboratory ASM TP (Automated System Management of Technological Processes) on railway transport was created. Roslans V.S., candidate of Engineering Science was appointed to be the head of the laboratory. The beginning of ASM TP dates to 1963, when officers of the SRL, Roslans V.S., Bobrov A.E., Lokhmatui V.E. (that time they were students) on order of Scientific research center “Applied Chemistry” NPO GIPH completed the economical-contract task on designing specialized computer for solid propellant measurement. In 1964 MM-1 (mathematical computer on ferrite transistor modules) was constructed, in 1965 – MM-2 (computer with microprogrammed control, velocity of 1000 microorder/sec).

                        On the basis of SRL ASM TP in 1976 V.E. Lokhmatui launched scientific and engineering survey in the area of defectoscopy information processing automatization, ultrasonic railing check. Later V.E. Lokhmatui started to give lectures and, proceeding scientific-engineering activity, he worked as the assistant professor at the department up to 2003. SRL ASM TP was the place where worked lectors of the department, candidates of Engineering Science, assistant professors Grigoriev V.V., Svistunov S.G., Dubrovskyi A.V., head of the laboratory Sorokin B.L. Gryazev V.P., Egorov V.V., Melokhova D.M., Berman I.C. and others worked in the laboratory.

                        In 1982 young doctor of Science, professor V.V. Yakovlev became the head of the department. He continued traditions set by A.A. Euler, at the same time he gave new features to teaching and scientific work at the department. Graduate of Prague Transport University, V.V. Yakovlev has built his career from lecture assistant (1962) to the Vice-rector of Informatization in PSTU (1999). He was the head of the department up to 2005.

                        In 1984 the first in Leningrad Institute of Transport Engineers display room on CM-1420 computer base was created in the department. And in the 90-s it was replaced by the rooms on the base of personal computers (head of the instruction laboratory was Melikhova D.M., research officer of SRL – Dovbush G.F.). In 1988 started its function “Microprocessor Technology Laboratory”, equipped with the most modern facilities (assistant professors Lokhmatui V.E., Grigoriev V.V., Trankov S.N., head of the laboratory Krasov S.M.).


                        During 70-80-s about 100 engineers with the specialization “Electronic Computing Machinery” graduated from the department annually. Among graduates of this period are present professors, whose life has always been connected with the department and the university: candidates of Engineering Science, assistant professors S.A. Yablonsky (department’s professor), V.V. Grigoriev, G.D. Drozdov and G.I. Kozhomberdieva, department’s assistant professor G.F. Dovbush; assistant professor of the Department of Transport Economy, head of the PSTU Intensive Education Technologies (CITO PSTU) O.N. Kuranova; candidate of Engineering Science, Department of Technosphere and Ecological Safety assistant professor S.N. Pavlov; doctor of Engineering Science, Department of Waggonage and Waggonage Economy professor A.V. Tretyakova.

                        Candidate of Engineering Science, assistant professor, director of LLC “Fire Safety Systems”, S.N. Trankov gave lectures and conducted scientific and engineering researches  in the field of micro processing technique at the department up to the end of 90-s, he still maintaines relations with the department at present time. U.V. Gorshkov is candidate of Engineering Science, chief officer of joint-stock company “Tekhnolink” also does not lose contact with the department, he often proposes his professional and sponsor support. N.U. Cuch – candidate of Engineering Science, scientific associate of Bridges Research Institute, she participated in common projects on railing nondestructive testing systems. Graduates of the department continued their career in the university as postgraduates and department’s officers, now some of them are directors of Digital Design Company – one of the leading IT-integrators in Russia. A.R. Fedorov, who in the period of 80-90-s was one of the most outstanding officers in the department, fills a position of chief director of Digital Design Company, A.S. Surkis is the executive officer, B.M. Belyaev is business-process and quality officer, I.B. Mareeva chief of company service-center. A.R. Fedorov and his crew constantly give support and assistance. Valuable representatives of the department, graduates of 70-80-s, are engaged in Data-computing center of Oktyabrskaya Railway: T.V. Zhdanova and L.P. Pashentseva are Data-computing center vice-directors, B.L. Sorokin is candidate of Engineering Science, previously department’s SRL director, A.N. Gorkunov – candidate of Engineering Science, previously research officer of SRL, T.N. Moltchanova is the director of one of the main Oktyabrskaya data-computing centers.

                        In the 80-90-s some crucial scientific-research and project development were introduced and implemented by the department:

  • Container areas automated system control (Fedorova M.V., customer – Oktyabrskaya Railway);
  • Automated system of registration, visualization and storing of railing high-speed super sound control (assistant professors V.E. Lokhmatui, S.N. Trankov, customer – Ministry of  Transport)
  • Automated fact retrieval system “Transport” (assistant professors C.A. Yablonsky, G.F. Dovbush, customer Scientific-research Center of Ministry of Transport);
  • Quick-operating 32-bit microprogrammable processor for nontraditional mechanism control (assistant professors Lokhmatui V.E., Trankov S.N.)


At present the department trains students on two specialities:


Candidate of Engineering Science, assistant professor C.A. Yablonsky was the initiator of creating new specialization at the department, and now he is the one who organizes methodological functioning of engineers-programmers training. From the middle of 80-s under the supervision of Yablonsky scientific researches and engineering solutions in the field of human language computer processing (computer linguistic) are introduced and conducted. In 1989 one of the first Russian language processors for personal computers was developed. Currently, department’s professor C.A. Yablonsky is the top computer linguistic specialist in European Commission DGXIII. During several years doctors of science, professors C.V. Mikoni (from 1992 to 2002), A.A. Kornienko (from 1999 to 2002) successfully worked at the department, combining professor and researcher activity. At present, A.A. Kornienko is the head of Informatics and Information Safety Department in PSTU, and Vice-Rector for Informatization (from 2005), and C.V. Mikoni is the professor at the Mathematics and Modeling Department.

                        Since autumn 2001 the department was renamed Information and Computer System Department, which represents the department’s profile.