SPECIALITY 090106 - Telecommunication Systems Information Security

On speciality 090106 the department prepares specialists in telecommunication networks information security and data transfer networks, administrators of LAN and enterprise networks safety, prove centers and public key infrastructure, specialists in information protection of state and commercial organizations departments.
Future specialists in the area of telecommunication systems security study modern programming languages Visual Basic, C++, Java, data transfer methods and reports, network equipment (Cisco Systems, D-Link and others); they deal with methods and means of interconnected screening, encrypting, tunneling, electronic digital signature, and public keys systems application, intrusion detection and others.
The most careful attention is paid to the subjects of design and provision of telecommunication systems security and data transfer networks:
  • Telecommunication Systems Information Security
  • Information Security Cryptographic Methods
  • Computer Safety Principles
  • Security Technologies in Data Transfer Networks
  • Computer Networks Safety
  • Design and Exploitation Principles of Protected Telecommunication Networks
  • Fiber-Optic Communication Links and Security
  • Information Security in Technological Telephone Communications Digital System
  • Information Security in Mobile Radio Networks
Duration of study – 5 years. On graduation students are awarded the qualification of specialist in information security.