The preparation on this speciality is organized by the department of Information and Computer Systems of Petersburg state transport university, on compensation basis inclusively.
During the whole education period students of this department study license software Visual C++, NET, programming on C++, C#, Java languages, they practice with data manager Oracle 10g and programming aids Internet-application on its base, including PL/SQL, Java, PHP and other languages. Using programs of Adobe company, students master methods of professional design and Web-sites development.
Students study artificial intelligence systems, computer system modeling, modern information technologies, multimedia technologies, microprocessor systems of latest generations, programming methods on machine-specific languages, functional and logical programming, programs design technologies, for railway transport information systems also.
The department’s students undergo practical training at branches of railway informatization enterprises, Russian branches of world-known companies and quite often go for training abroad.
Undergraduates participate in the department’s international activity – annual international conference “Infotrance”, international European program “First”, oriented to student exchange with Technical University in Reechimaki (Finland); students are involved in scientific-research work, conducted by department’s officers.
Graduates of the department are guaranteed to work at data-processing centers at Oktyabrskaya Railway with an opportunity to develop and maintain information systems at any other enterprises and companies of this area, not to mention computer companies of the city. High education level allows to work successfully at computer companies of Western Europe and USA.
The department was founded in 1961 by professor A.A. Euler, and now it is famous for its achievements in various modern information technologies. The choice in favor of the department “Information and Computer Systems” at PSTU is a right choice, which guarantees perfect study conditions, educational opportunity of the highest quality and possibility to ensure well-paid, interesting and stimulating job in the field of information technologies.

Subjects of the course:

  • Programming languages Java and C++ - the most demanded languages at the present time;
  • Data structures, information organization and processing means and principles, necessary for the availability of results, and for meeting the requirements of modern information systems;
  • Operational systems, their structures and functional abilities;
  • Creation of information systems on one of the most modern data base Oracle, programming language SQL, up-to-date WEB applications creation, which address data bases (portals, online-shops and other interesting applications in Internet);
  • Programming technologies – rules and steps of development and design of modern program and information systems;
  • Artificial intelligent systems and other curious problems of information and program development, both at railway transport and at any other field of study.

To learn more about education on compensation base, please contact the dean’s office of Electrical Engineering Faculty: (812)457-82-85.